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  • No. 4 Mattress Set

    When you lie down on a Savoir No 4 bed and close your eyes, it’s easy to imagine you are relaxing in a top hotel. After all, it was for precisely such establishments that this bed was designed. Our brief was to set new standards of comfort and longevity: the result, which takes several days to produce, speaks for itself.

    Skilled Production Hours: 30+


    Nested pocket springs are sandwiched between generous layers of lambswool, needled cotton and curled hair; hand-tufting keeps the contents in position. Our signature cotton jacquard Trellis ticking, stitched to the springs and fillings at the side by hand, brings the external aesthetics in line with the internal quality of the bed.


    With an inner layer of loose cotton sandwiched between generous layers of top –quality lambswool, the CW topper has a firmer feel compared to that of our other models. Expertly hand tufted, it is this detail that enables the full benefit of the fillings’ exceptional depth and softness to be felt without allowing them to shift unduly.


    The No4 boxspring is solidly constructed of Grade 1 pine and hourglass springs providing heavy-duty suspension which are securely linked with diamond-threaded, hand-stitched hessian webbing. This demanding process provides for independent movement of the springs, but is less labour-intensive than hand-tying with cord.



    • - Standard depth for No4 bedset

    • - Topper (CW) - 7.5cm

    • - Mattress - 24cm

    • - Boxspring – 16.5cm