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  • No.2 Mattress Set

    Commissioned for The Savoy hotel over a century ago and handcrafted in London to this day, our No2 bed exemplifies the defining characteristics of Savoir: heritage, bespoke production and quality.

    Its comfort and durability are the stuff of legend, and its styling options infinite. Which is why it takes at least 80 hours to create.

    Skilled Production Hours: 80+


    The Savoir No2 mattress is filled with extra-deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse tail hair and layers of carded lambswool. The mattress is designed to support your body, allowing your spine to lie in correct alignment. The fullings are entirely natural and designed to create the perfect, safe sleeping environment.


    The original Savoir topper, mountains of long, loose, hand teasing horse tail are wrapped in soft lambswool and tufted into our trademark Trellis ticking, with gorgeous results. The HW Topper helps to achieve a better sleeping position with the feet slightly elevated; this aids blood circulation, which in turn improves the quality of sleep.


    The No2 boxspring is complete with a double-stitched 3” hair roll with a frame of Grade 1 pine, both screwed and glued for durability. The hourglass springs are star-lashed, involving hand-tying the springs to each other and to the frame at exactly the right tension in a radial pattern. This technique – using a traditional oiled-flax cord endorsed by archers at the Battle of Agincourt – is not only extremely strong, but also allows each spring to move as independently as possible. The slightest error in tension and the shape and comfort of the bed would be compromised.




    • - Standard depth for No2 bedset

    • - Topper (HW) - 11cm

    • - Mattress - 20cm

    • - Boxspring – 23cm