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  • No.1 Mattress Set

    The name says it all: Savoir No 1 takes the art of fine bed-making to undreamed-of levels of comfort and luxury. With taller springs and lavish layers of premium-quality natural fillings for a deeper mattress and base, it is a naturally high bed so sumptuous that customers compare sleeping on it to floating in a cloud. Combining perfectly balanced support with ultimate softness, it is not for everyone – but it is certainly for those who appreciate the very best things in life.

    Skilled Production Hours: 120+


    The No1 mattress is topped with a panel of high-tech stretch cotton fabric, filled with extra-deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse tail hair and double layers of carded lambs wool.


    The finishing touch to the No 1 bedset, plump with the softest natural fillings, raising the comfort level even higher.


    With a frame of hardwood beech, the No1 boxspring has several unique features, such as dovetail joints, macassar ebony trim, suede upholstery and a flexible, hand-tied cane edge. The latter, combined with a generous 2” hair roll with two rows of hand-stitching, gives added structure and support to the edge.



    • - Standard depth for No1 bedset

    • - Topper (HCa) - 13cm

    • - Mattress - 27cm

    • - Boxspring – 28cm